Use Your Head

Use Your Head, an interactive urban projection produced by MediaLAB Amsterdam and Filmwerkstatt Münster for the Flurstücke Festival.
The crowd can play a game, where they use their own head as an avatar on the characteristic facade of the Diozesan Bibliothek where they have to find a balance between Culture and Industry. With this game we want people to reflect on the use public space.

The project is developed by students of the MediaLAB Amsterdam, of the Applied University of Amsterdam (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
The students worked with creative Producers: Jan Scholte & Gijs Gootjes
Assigner: Winfried Bettmer, Filmwerkstatt Münster

Guido Huijser – producer
Natta Frank – producer
Oskar Moleman – graphic designer
Janek van Abeelen – programmer
Thijs Last – 3D designer

interaction designer: Arne Boon
Visual artist: Felix Kraemer
Code guru: Wouter Reckman
Sound designer: Michiel Nijhof Samplemaster

Hardware: Beamsystems
Onno Hekman
Bas Bus
Jorn Stroet

Video Registration: Keyframe Productions – Hugo van der Meer

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